A Man is Not a Financial Plan

Hey love, It’s my intention to inspire you. Not to leave your husband or significant other. That would be counterproductive in some cases. No, to inspire you to stand up for yourself.

I married at 23 and that was it. I was dogmatically invested in his wellbeing, his career, his progression in life.

Life was not fun. I felt lonely much of the time. I felt like I was walking on eggshells.

They said,”At least he brings home a steady paycheck.”

I agreed. He was my financial plan, my health insurance, my retirement plan.

But when I started standing up for myself, my retirement plan started getting vicious. My health insurance plan didn’t care that I was stressed out, overworked and burned out. My husband didn’t appear to care that I felt no love.

And so I stopped caring that he brought home a steady paycheck. I was friggen scared, but I took charge of my life, and I left.

I was surviving, not thriving.

And I learned: a non-ideal relationship (body, job, spouse) can suck the very life out of life.