“Anxiety isn’t that bad”

Yes, it is.
It makes you think and overthink. At times you think people are talking bad about you. You may begin to feel abandoned, not very worthwhile. Your thoughts don’t stop when you lay down to sleep at night, so you may develop insomnia. You may ruminate over the past, regretting things you said or did. You have a hard time letting go, forgiving. You second guess everything, you may end up stuck in indecision for fear of making the wrong decision. You worry about the future. You worry about being able to afford everything. You worry about people finding out that you’re “faking it.”
During anxiety, your body is in the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze). You may feel numb, dizzy, tingly. You may get headaches, neck tension, chest pain. You may have a “nervous stomach” or pulsing in your ear. It may be hard to breath, hard to rest, hard to sleep.
So yes, anxiety is kind of a big deal. Yoga is proven to support and reduce anxiety. Are you or someone you know dealing with anxiety? Send them this way to read research about the benefits of using yoga for reducing anxiety here ==> www.beckforsland.com/resources

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