Being present for this life

I ate an omelet for breakfast in Rockford and an avocado and bacon burger for dinner.

We are friends with a couple in Green Bay: the men talk airplanes and the women talk yoga and reiki, the power of thought and consciousness, what role happiness and money play on a person’s life and other important things.

Dinner was at this popular Bleu restaurant and afterwards a trip to the airport because the night wouldn’t be complete without actually seeing the airplanes.

Learning to be in the present: it’s so easy to wish to skip the journey from point A to point B. Easy to dislike and try avoid transitions… But what if we could be fully present to the moments of transitions?

What if the transitional moments — the growing pains — are what life is made up of?

The “in between” times when my house was a disaster as we renovated. The time when we slept in the living room for a month because the master bedroom was being plastered.

You know what I’m talking about because we all try to skip that part: the transitions.

Instead of avoiding, what can you do to embrace the transitions/growing pains you’re going through?