Wisdom From a Cat

I live in a house with optional cats. Whenever I want company, I call them to hang out with me. And whenever they want to be with me, they meow pitifully from behind the door. Last night, they called to me as I was settling into my green chair with the book “the wisdom of no [...]

How to fight a cold or flu

It's called the common cold for a reason: we all go through the same experience at least a few times in our lifetime, if not a few times each year. However, I've yet to meet someone who enjoys the experience of being sick and so I'm sharing my tips and tools for getting healthy and [...]

Poetry: the mind is always wanting more

the mind is always wanting more A square beam of sun lit my mat. I sat with the sun beam. Nations rose and fell, people died around me, giant sea creatures attacked my harbor. Monks walked calmly, voices rose and fell. Still, I sat with the sun beam. A torrent of tears swept the landscape. [...]

How to shed your small self

Whatever came from being is caught up in being, drunkenly forgetting the way back. RUMI You were born with a clear, clean open awareness. And then something happened. Depending on your birth story, you either felt secure and supported or unsupported and insecure. And you grew up and interacted with the world and expressed your needs ... the way the [...]

Practice: Be vulnerable, you’ll live through it

Imagine a world in which we all shared our gifts and bounty with each other rather than focusing on self preservation. Meditate on that sentence for 10 minutes, and then write how you could incorporate this into each area of your life: work relationships, roommate, family, spouse or partner, friends, mail person, etc.

A story of struggle

Yesterday I was reading a book on professional development and career happiness, a topic that I am trying to understand intellectually, and I read a story in my book that I would like to share with you here. I've been sharing it with my yoga students at DAYA Foundation. It begins with a man who [...]

Don’t hide behind the mask of “OK”

Tonight I drove to the DAYA Foundation studio to teach my 6:30pm yoga class in Portland. As I maneuvered my little Fiat through traffic and over the Ross Island Bridge, my stomach began rolling, I started feeling dizzy, and my skin began to perspire. By the time I reached the studio I was breathing shallow, quick [...]

Planting seeds for tomorrow

EVERYTHING WE DO PLANTS SEEDS We can’t help but plant seeds. Every moment is bursting with potential, and everything we do makes a statement about what is important to us. Our lives go in one direction, or another. We choose suffering, or happiness. We are relaxed or stressed, awake or asleep. 9 Ways to water the seeds (joy, happiness, peace, [...]

Redefining the “other”

Last week a male yoga teacher posted a blog on Facebook. It started out like this: How about this vision? Women have been cowards. They have sucked the wealth and life-blood out of men to enjoy their baby-making efforts while men went out and did the real work in the world. As those men lived—and when [...]