…but nobody saw her struggle

img_8140A year ago this statement rang true for me. My marriage was crumbling despite therapy. My vulnerability was met with a cold, bitter heart. My ability to “hold it together” fragmented and I gave into Trust and Faith and Love. I was wounded and I was shining my light of awareness on my wounds, I stopped trying to fix, manipulate, cover up the cracks. I meditated, I practiced yoga, I prayed, I read, I cried and I mourned. And then I stood up on shaky feet and I stood tall, I respected myself and loved myself, and I stopped letting him disrespect me and treat me with less than what I deserved. I didn’t know how I deserved it, just that I did because I was a living being. I had to harden my heart a bit to ask for the divorce, because I had been the soft and tender one. And I made it to the other side of that conversation, that day. And I cried tears of relief. I stood in the shower and felt the energy running off my naked body, and I knelt down and cried. I was no longer drowning, but swimming. And I was swimming with the power of my body. It wasn’t graceful, but it was empowering. This is the story of the Wounded Warrior and of becoming The Warrior. We find ourselves facedown in the battlefield; mauled, broken, imperfect. We have a choice: stay down, or stand up.