Poetry: the mind is always wanting more

the mind is always wanting more A square beam of sun lit my mat. I sat with the sun beam. Nations rose and fell, people died around me, giant sea creatures attacked my harbor. Monks walked calmly, voices rose and fell. Still, I sat with the sun beam. A torrent of tears swept the landscape. [...]

A story of struggle

Yesterday I was reading a book on professional development and career happiness, a topic that I am trying to understand intellectually, and I read a story in my book that I would like to share with you here. I've been sharing it with my yoga students at DAYA Foundation. It begins with a man who [...]

Don’t hide behind the mask of “OK”

Tonight I drove to the DAYA Foundation studio to teach my 6:30pm yoga class in Portland. As I maneuvered my little Fiat through traffic and over the Ross Island Bridge, my stomach began rolling, I started feeling dizzy, and my skin began to perspire. By the time I reached the studio I was breathing shallow, quick [...]

Redefining the “other”

Last week a male yoga teacher posted a blog on Facebook. It started out like this: How about this vision? Women have been cowards. They have sucked the wealth and life-blood out of men to enjoy their baby-making efforts while men went out and did the real work in the world. As those men lived—and when [...]

Moving to Portland

I professionally "grew up" in Menominee, so to speak. When I arrived nearly 6 years ago, I was a little fish in the pond. I followed my heart and used my intuition to start a yoga studio, train teachers, teach students, and observe some amazing growth both in the business and in my students and teachers. Witnessing growth, and [...]

Find your way back home. [e-newsletter 8/5/2016]

view this email in your browser When doubt arises, which it does over and over again, it becomes a signal that it is time to let go, rebalance and find an unconditional allowing of life. [Richard Moss, MD] I've heard it called by many names. Self-doubt. Anxiety. Depression. Low self-esteem. Self-loathing. It feels like failure. [...]

What is love? [poll]

I asked, what is love? And you answered. 85% happiness, 15% sadness. ❤️life. A meeting of the minds, compatibility on a higher plain than just physical attraction (though that's nice, too!), security, never once doubting their love for you ( though it's possible to wonder HOW they could on more insecure days), feeling more "yourself" than you ever [...]

Finding my path

a story of a girl I was 15 when I was diagnosed with Juvenile Disk Syndrome. I was in a lot of pain; I couldn't walk around for long periods of time. My periods were intense. And then one morning, when I was 18, I woke up and my forehead, which had been "normal" skin, had broken [...]

My next transition in life

When I first started my yoga studio and wellness/life coaching business, I was very much alone. I did not know to hire a coach to help me jump over the initial hurdles (and I would not have been able to afford one) and so for two years I did everything myself. I built my first websites from scratch, with [...]