Don’t do, just look and see

I was pursuing Facebook this morning and I scrolled past this photo. I almost didn’t read it, but when I did it really spoke to me.

The Grand Canyon is beautiful, but this photo made me think about a different but equally significant place I’ve been.

Over Spring Break in 2006 I visited one of my girl friends and my cousin who were individually traveling through New Zealand. The three of us traveled together for 10 days or so and one day was our Tongariro Crossing day.

The Tongariro Crossing is New Zealand’s oldest national park. Te Maari, an active volcano last erupted 6 August 2012, craters at Mount Tongariro. We crawled up Mt Ngauruhoe which was made famous as Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings (I did not know that back then, maybe I would have tweeted).

No cell phones, no internet connection, no tweeting my friends, no Facebook status update. A full day of looking.

A full day of being in the moment and the awe of the natural beauty.

Now, 7 years later, I look back and think how “easy” it was to be in the moment. I didn’t have an iPhone, there was no cellular service for me to hook up to, for pings to come through when I receive a text.

Maybe, just maybe, it bears thinking and planning: a cell phone and computer free day.

Do you think you could do it?

As a side note, what did I just discover on my keyboard? An apple! 

Photo Credit: Yoga Inspiration on Facebook