Don’t make it about someone else

I was angry for the last four years of my marriage. And although I make jabs at him now, I finally don’t have any bitterness in my heart.

Saying “you need to change” didn’t work.

Saying “we need to change” didn’t work.

Investing in myself? Finally I was getting places.

I went to counseling (cause, you know, something was wrong with me). And then quit, because after a year she told me nothing was wrong with me.

And so, over the course of two years, I spent over $10,000 on myself. I went through teacher training to be a yoga therapist. I hired a business coach. I started a professional coaching program. I hired another business coach.

Back then I didn’t know I had $10,000 to spend. But we’re adult women, and when we want something badly enough we find a way to make it happen.

So, sister, don’t make change or transformation about him.

Invest in YOUR growth.