Essential Oils: 25 ideas for cleaning the home, wellness and beauty and balance

For a long time I have had an affinity to essential oils: the calming aspects of Lavender when I sprayed it in the air, the spiciness of Christmas Spirit as I diffused it through the kitchen, the peaceful way I felt while oil burning Peace & Calming.

And even though I knew there was a way to use oils in the rest of my life, I didn’t use them many other places. I don’t know why, but I didn’t. I bought laundry soap with lemongrass, dish soap with lemon, face soap with orange and moisturizer with lavender.

Perhaps it just took a bit of time for me to grasp what others grasp so clearly: if I have the oils, why not use them and save money while getting the full, vibrant, therapeutic affect of the oils at the same time?

These ideas might not rock your world, but then maybe you are legions ahead of me in the essential oils game.

25 ways I use essential oils for my body, my home and my brain

1. Lemon oil in my room temperature water to add something special to the “plain ol” and to detox.

2. Also, grapefruit oil in my water (boosts metabolism).

3. Thieves oil in my yoga mat spray at my studio.

4. Bee stings, cuts, bruises… topically and liberally apply lavender oil.

5. Come to think of it, lavender oil when I don’t know what else to use.

6. When I’m depressed, out of sorts or lacking motivation I diffuse frankincense and lavender.

7. My husband complained of a sore throat, so I mixed up 4 drops of Thieves oil in a tall glass of water. Later he told me his lips tingled too much and he couldn’t stand to take more than 1 sip …but I didn’t hear any more about a sore throat. NOTE: I recommend using only 1 drop for a glass of water! My lips tingled too much too.

8. Put a couple drops of a choice essential oil in my laundry machine along with my store-bought liquid detergent (making my own is on my list of things to do as I venture into the world of DIY): lemongrasslavenderlemon.

9. I liberally applied geranium when I heard it might keep mosquitos at bay. I think it worked too.

10. Motivation blend of oils, when I need to feel motivated I’ll diffuse this oil.

11. When I feel slightly under the weather, I’ll apply Thieves or Oregano oil to my feet.

12. When I want to feel calm and sleepy and have a good night’s sleep, I apply lavender oil or clary sage to my feet.

13. Stuffy nose or hard to breathe? I’ll use my Icelandic Facial Sauna with peppermint or eucalyptus oils.

14. To detox my skin or to feel a bit more pampered, I’ll use the same Icelandic Facial Sauna with lavender oil.

15. Lavender oil is also great for reducing inflammation, and so is frankincense oil. I’d apply directly to the skin: always test your oils on your inner wrist if you have sensitive skin.

16. Sunburn? Relieve it with lavender, add a few drops to aloe vera or coconut oil and apply to your burn.

17. When I make chap-stick, I add lemonlavender, and peppermint to make my lips tingle a little bit.

18. Diffuse thieves for 15-30 minutes at home or work to help eliminate airborne bacteria.

19. Alternatively you might add thieves blend to a spray bottle and spritz your home.

20. Today the tendons in the back of my knee felt tight and I couldn’t straighten my knee without a little hurt, so I put 5 drops of Copaiba in my palm, rubbed my palms together and applied all over my knee. In less than a minute, my knee felt 100% normal and straightened comfortably.

21. Menstrual cramps? Usually peppermint oil will take them away completely. Use 3 drops and rub topically on your abdomen.

22. Other tummy aches: 2-3 drops peppermint, 2-3 drops Di-Gize and mix with 1 tsp Coconut oil. Rub on belly and then breath into cupped hands.

23. Headaches and tension in the neck, topically apply Deep Relief roll-on to your temples and back of your neck. Apply peppermint or basil to the bottoms of your feet and to your neck or head.

24. Restless legs at night when your eyes are tired but your legs are having a party: apply peace & calmingto your feet and even in your toes plus apply lavender to your legs.

25. Acne issues? I use melaleuca oil (commonly known as tea tree) which helps kill bacteria and fungi, reduces swelling and the risk of scar tissue.

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