From nervous to upbeat

I love helping people get unstuck, and one of the things I hear is, I’m afraid of failure so I don’t even try.

Yesterday I received an email from my client before our session: Talk to you in 1/2 hour….I must admit that I’m nervous so I hope you guide the conversation for us!!

I help people move forward from where they feel stuck, in their personal goals (i.e. lose weight so that I can be more active and social) to their professional goals (i.e. what is my purpose in life? where am I going?). Most of my coaching clients are healthy, successful people who are in a rut or simply want to make a big change in their lives.

Sometimes we need the support of a coach, someone who knows the “game” and can give you the tools to get to the destination more quickly. I know how to reduce stress and inflammation and create peace, play and stillness in incredibly busy lives. I know how to help people lose 30-50 pounds of weight (metaphorical or physical), reduce anxiety and move from depression.

I absolutely love what I do. The client who was nervous to talk to me yesterday? She emailed me two hours after our coaching call was complete: THANK YOU for today’s call!  I hung up feeling re-energized and feeling very upbeat, which is always a wonderful feeling!