Hitting rockbottom (and still knowing you’re worth it)

How the coaching process work: a poem

She told me her story of heartbreak.

Of feeling powerless.

Of relationships that caused her to mistrust herself.

Of men and women; bosses and managers; boyfriends and girlfriends.

Of children and parents and coworkers and neighbors.

Of divorce, loss, grief, weight gain, health issues.

Of the challenge of maintaining balance.

She questioned her power.

Her tears drew lines on soft skin.

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you demand.

That’s why I’m here, she whispers.

I want to feel good in my skin, in my clothes.

I want to have a fulfilling relationship.

I want to show my children what self worth looks like.

I want to feel good on date night.

I want to take my family on a vacation.

I want to feel secure when I pay my bills.

I want to feel safe when I think about my future.

I want to feel freedom when I think about my retirement.

I want to feel joy because I’m alive.

This is what I want, her voice is strong now.

I don’t know why or how, but somehow, somewhere, a part of me thinks I’m worth it.