I choose this crazy, messy life

The joyous place you may be standing is temporary, and the abhorrent place that you may be standing is temporary. Your now reality is only a temporary, momentary culmination of what you’ve been thinking about.


This quote quite adequately describes the human existence: temporary.

Yet everyday we try to manipulate our lives to  have more joy and to avoid the abhorrent places.

This is where I was yesterday with my paperwork: so much, so cluttered, so disorganized. As you might recall, we bought our first house last summer and it’s been a huge remodel project. Somedays I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.

In times of stress it’s hard to remember that we chose this life experience.

The first day of my 21 day body and consciousness reset cleanse which I dubbed Pure Torture? I chose that.

The headaches and stress of sorting paperwork for the tax season as a sole business owner with no outside help? I chose that.

Annoying numbers and accounting for my business and the necessary perfection of all that? I chose that.

I also chose the amazing joy of owning my own business, of being able to inspire men and women through yoga and mindfulness.

I chose to take on the creation of a little oasis that I call my studio.

I chose to buy a house that smelled like cat and dog excrement, had busted water pipes, gravel and other items shoved down each drain and had been incredibly tortured in the later days of the previous owners existence. I chose to take that on: the good and the bad.

I choose this messy, crazy life and you do too.

We can’t have a joyful life without some craziness, because how else would we know joy? If e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. was JOY, wouldn’t it become the MUNDANE?

Can we find an expression of love and tenderness as we enter each moment of each day, EVEN when we really wish we were on the beach in Costa Rica?

I’d love to hear from you… what are you avoiding? What brings you joy today?