In pursuit of knowledge

When I first started my yoga studio and wellness/life coaching business, I was very much alone. I did not know to hire a coach to help me jump over the initial hurdles (and I would not have been able to afford one) and so for two years I did everything myself.

I built my first websites from scratch, with html coding and everything.

Nine people came to the first event I hosted: my mom, dad, husband, co-host and her husband, and our three vendors. One person just wandered in to see what was going on and stayed.

I spent hours moving forward in my business, only to find out at the end of the day that everything I did was a mista—I mean, a learning experience.

And then I hired a coach, and another coach and another coach. I had a mentor for the year I was studying to become a life coach. And another mentor as I went through two years of yoga teacher training.

One day I realized I was hopping from guru to guru to guru hoping someone would give me the answer, show me the way, give me the formula to be successful… instead of listening to my intuition and digging deep inside me. I hadn’t even taken the time to integrate what I had learned.

So I did that. I took time to integrate, to practice being in my business, to blend their practices with my intuition and knowledge and instinct. This time was perfect and amazing.

Yet I started feeling alone again, I didn’t have a team. By this time I had closed my yoga studio in Menominee, Michigan. I started researching others in my field of expertise who are doing what I love doing. And I realized they all have something in common: a Master’s degree or Ph.D.

So, after careful consideration, I am diving headfirst into pursuing Doctoral studies. My mission and purpose–to empower women and girls–is stronger than ever. Stay tuned 🙂