Joy is your center

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It occurred to me this morning as I watched Quiet Earth Yoga’s video about addiction — sort of like an aha! moment — that joy/peace/love/pick your word is our true Center.

And all the experiences we face through life are simply challenges to help us learn what matters and what doesn’t matter.

joy • love • peace

What doesn’t matter? Where you live in the world, how much money you make, what your house looks like, what your face looks like, whether your fat or thin or tall or short, what size your shoes are, what part of your body is wrecked and feels 90-years-old, who your boss is, how many kids you have or don’t have, if your house is clean or dirty… the list goes on.

What does matter? Connection, creation, awareness.

We chose our life experiences. We chose bankruptcy, debt, dis-ease, unhappiness, heart disease, obesity, scarcity. And if we chose those, then we can also chose love, family, connection, community, health, prosperity.

How our life looks on the outside and even our feelings, to some extent, don’t matter.

What matters is our shift into awareness, knowing the power of thought.

If our thoughts created scarcity, they can create abundance.

If our thoughts create dis-ease, they can create the opposite: ease, health.

If we can simply see how our lives are so meaningless, yet full of meaning: this house I live in, this town I live in, this job I have, this family I’ve been blessed with, this yoga studio I practice at, this restaurant or coffee shop I enjoy… the main goal is to tap into The Source.

love • joy • peace

They hold out their hands to us each moment of each day and through every struggle. Joy isn’t The Goal, it’s The Journey.

The Journey is what is important. How we enter each moment of each day is what is important.

I could make the most money in the world, live in the best location but if I’m a complete @$$ then I’m missing the point.

love • joy • peace