These guided meditations and yoga videos are offered freely to support those struggling with anxiety and self-doubt to open to self-awareness.

“There has to be a shift. Yoga is not a luxury, it is therapeutic. That is the change we all have to understand. One of our roles as yoga teachers is to help people understand the clinical significance of yoga and to do that we need to be conversant with the research that exists on yoga’s effectiveness. We are not helping people kill time—this is therapy.” [David Emerson]


5 Tips for Women to Maintain Optimal Health [20 minute video]
When you need someone to believe in… start with YOURSELF [1 minute video]


RAIN practice for the facedown in the battlefield moments from Beck Forsland
3 Fundamentals Meditation for Relaxation from Beck Forsland

yoga as therapy

Corrective yoga practice for sore necks from Beck Forsland

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