Living boldly

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. ~ Alice Walker

Today I was reflecting about the Pec Minor, one of the “exhale muscles” we learned about in the last week-long module in my 500 hour yoga training. In every engagement in my life this past month I’ve been practicing relaxing my Pec Minor so that I could be relaxed and open and in-the-moment in social interactions.

That means every yoga class I’ve taught, every private yoga or reiki therapy session, each coaching session, and especially during the Grand Opening of Wellinspire. Also, grocery shopping, brushing my teeth, driving the car, playing volleyball and checking the mail.

In other words, I’ve used my daily life to practice internal work.

I see my friends watching their kids playing on the playground, and yes, there is an element of Awesome, he made it across the monkey bars for the first time ever because we do like to see physical improvement. But a lot of what makes parents’ hearts swell with pride is when their little guy plays nice with the other kids, when she shows compassion, kindness, when she owns her power and attempts the monkey bars for one more time after falling so many times before.