Love is…

Change was among the stars,
The moment she began to Love Herself.
r.m. drake

Love is tender, open, thoughtful.

Love will place my work to the side and give me a massage.

Love will draw me out, be present with me, know this is enough for an evening.

Love will be courageous in the face of disagreements and will be self-aware.

Love will conquer childish ways of being, speak kindly of self and others, be playful and serious.

Love will know where I am in the creation of life.

I want a Love that admits mistakes, says I’m sorry and buys me flowers for no reason.

I want a Love that craves intimate discussions about past, present, future.

I want Love to be able to dream about the future and to see past external limitations.

I want Love to wear “dream glasses” sometimes while still keeping a foot on earth.

I want Love to acknowledge me as a person and all I’ve accomplished, even if it doesn’t seem like much. It is. To me.

I want to know Love as a powerful force, yet willing to be vulnerable.

Love will send me to bed, take care of me when I’m sick, make me breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Love will rest a hand on my hip, reach for me always, rub the back of my neck.

Love will listen to my day and avoid detracting from the story, encourage me when I lose faith, strengthen my resolve when I waver.

Love will know what I stand for and stand next to me without taking or enforcing.

Love recognizes that I am powerful, that I see myself as weak, and knows I am both and imperfectly perfect all at the same time.

Love wants what I want, a future that is meaningful and full of love, laughter, bliss.

And Love knows there will be stress and busy-ness and chores. There will be disagreements and yet… Love will continue to love and support and stand for love. Love will conquer it all.

And when I stop showing up in life, Love will wait for me in the present and welcome me back.

Love will seduce me into being present.

Love will encourage me to be balanced.

Love will give love and care.

Love receives love and care.

Love is a two-way street.

Love, the kind of love I will settle for, is forever and always.

Love is an action and is continuously working to prove its existence.

I want to know Love.