Yoga studio in Menominee, MI

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April 2012 – April 2016
Menominee, MI

The Backstory: In January 2011 I moved to Menominee, Michigan because my (now) ex-husband got a job. When I arrived in town, I was sad because there was no yoga studio for me to come home to, and so I began teacher training in February 2012 at Every Body’s Yoga (EBY) in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For 9 months I trained and taught yoga at EBY, driving the hour to school sometimes 2 and 3 times each week. In Menominee, I began teaching weekly yoga classes at Victory Physical Therapy, the YMCA, Dew Hill Coffee Shop and Tri-Force Martial Arts.

In March 2012, one of my popular teaching locations in Menominee was no longer available for me to use as a teaching space and my students encouraged me to seek a dedicated teaching space. With the help of many students, I opened my first space on April 2, 2012. I called it The Yoga Place.



I taught for nearly a year and started feeling the pinch of too little space as my following grew. During this time, I created my own teacher training certification program, wrote the book for it and trained yoga teachers so that I wasn’t the only one teaching at The Yoga Place (which I renamed “Wellinspire” when we moved into our larger space).

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At Wellinspire, I had massage therapists and yoga teachers and a fitness instructor. I taught over 1,700 hours in the classroom, hosted workshops, coaching programs, online courses, weekend retreats, and more.

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I managed the social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In, and wrote awesome content for our E-newsletters, and networked with local business.


Instead of capping at 9 and 10 students, like the first studio did… we could fit close to 20 students in our studio space.


When we got so large that I couldn’t do it all on my own, I hired a Studio Assistant who later became my Operations Leader.

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In April 2016, I taught my last class at Wellinspire and we had a goodbye party called the Celebration of Wellinspire. I showed a black-and-white movie in the background and we listed to Beirut over our speaker system and came together in celebration.

I regret closing down the studio’s Facebook account, as the comments and memories went back to our first days.


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