Beck’s Story

I grew up climbing trees, challenging my peers to running races, more than a little dabbling in weight lifting, playing a range of sports including soccer, volleyball, and tennis. I’ve always felt a calling to help the underdogs and so my interests led to my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a second major in Art.

My first yoga class was with my mom and sisters for Mother’s Day when I was dabbling in community college. Even though at this time I had ongoing lower back pain from an injury sustained when I was 15, it wasn’t until many years after this first class that I understood the physical benefits of yoga. My first yoga class hooked me early on because I felt so much peace and a deep sense of rightness during class and after class.

Now I’ve been teaching yoga since 2011. I founded a yoga studio in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 2012 and spent four years leading classes, workshops, retreats, corporate wellness series, and private lessons.

Shortly after I opened my first yoga studio, one of my students asked if I was a life coach and, if so, could I coach her teenage daughter. So I started down the path of becoming a life coach. I’ve been coaching women and men to live their life to their potential since 2012. My version of life coaching looks a lot like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, intention-setting, real-life risks, courage, and vulnerability smothered in deep, soul-searching love.

“Beck helped me focus on the positive and feel hopeful about the future.” [Janet, Michigan]

I have an ironic sense of humor that seeps into my teaching, used to put you (and me) at ease. I hear this a lot: your voice is so soothing and calm. Or a variation of, you are so inspirational. And you seem so confident and self-assured. I am an INFJ personality; I see my purpose in life to help people. My compassion for humanity is palpable. And my real passion is getting to the root of the problem so that people don’t need to be rescued at all. Being in nature inspires me to simplify my life, to be divinely guided, to make space for the sacred.

I closed my yoga studio in 2016 after a transition period in my life. In November 2016 I moved to Portland, Oregon to infuse my energy and passion for social justice and yoga with a local non-profit yoga studio. Today I am in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at the University of Western States and I look forward to all the doors that will continue to open as I continue to learn healing modalities.