beach-972566_1920Reiki is energy. Pure. High. Healing. Balance. Limitless. Love. Light. Connection. Spaciousness. Clean. Internal balancing. Warmth. Flow. Relaxation. Calmness. Health. Wellbeing. Mental clarity. Sleep. Intuition. Self-awareness.

Reiki heals major and minor ailments. Reiki enhances and complements medical health care. Reiki helps minor psychological issues. Reiki heals headaches, tension, pain, stress. Reiki is pain management. Reiki reduces anxiety, improves sleep, aids digestion, strengthens self esteem. Reiki supports substance abuse recovery.

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation therapy for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is healing energy.

I charge $55 per session.

Prior to the session we asses your specific needs, in particular specific areas of the body, emotional or mental concerns. Wear comfortable clothing during the session. After a Reiki treatment it is advised to drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep. The excess water will assist in flushing out the toxins stored in the kidneys and liver. Reiki treatments work in conjunction with conventional medicine and enhance the benefits of psychotherapy, surgery, and drugs.