Shifting and reflections on low back pain

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Disk Disorder. Essentially it’s degenerative disc disease but for a child. And instead of just one or two disks it involves most of the discs in the lumbar spine.

So I feel pain in my low back pain sometimes too however my chiropractor and acupuncturist are impressed with how little pain I have; we all attribute it to yoga.

Please don’t feel sorry for me. Well, maybe just a wee bit compassionate because sometimes I think we just need to hold space for compassion. Compassion for someone’s lot in life, for someone’s troubles, for the freak accidents that happen just once in a lifetime.

But then hold space for being OK. We are each in charge of our own healing and I trust you are on the path to healing as I am too.

My low back pain comes in the form of dullness. It is normal if I sit for long periods of time I have this numbing, dull ache.

I thought practicing yoga was helping me so much. Until the first DAY of yoga training with Scott Anderson. Now I know that if I keep practicing yoga the way I have been taught, the way I thought and read was correct… well, I think in 5-10 years I’d be a world of hurt.

Why? Why have my thoughts changed in just 7 days?

You’ll find this answer if you’re practicing in studio with me: you’ll notice little shifts and changes in how I’m teaching and cuing. And perhaps you’ll start noticing less pain in your body as well.

If you’re not in my studio, it might be more challenging to understand… but I’ll make it clearer as the days pass. I need to spend more days in my body before bringing my thoughts to this medium.