STOP STRESS EATING (and start losing weight)

Are you tired of hearing the dull, monotone, one-size-fits-all advice of “diet and exercise?” “Calories in, calories out?” GOOD. Because these are Anti-Diet and Anti-Calorie-Counting tips. If you’re ready to trust your body and develop your intuition you’re in the right place. (If you don’t want to dig deep into you and your wholeness, you’re not in the right place.)

Imagine what you could do and who you could be if all the energy you put into anxiety about your body and food was available for your life.

The possibilities are endless.

It’s time to stop draining your life energy on limiting thoughts about food. It’s time to let go of worry, perfectionism, self-loathing, worthiness and anxiety about eating and use it to create the life you came here to live!

FIRST :: END EMOTIONAL EATING with clarity, mindset, and psychological support

:: practice 4 steps when you feel heavy emotions/stress: recognize, allow, explore, non-attachment
:: adopt food guidelines: eat when you’re physically hungry, eat with gusto and pleasure, eat what your body wants, stop when you’re satisfied

SECOND :: START LOSING WEIGHT with body, health, digestion, cells and organ knowledge and training

:: eat 2 main meals each day at 10AM and 2PM (or whatever fits into your day) and eat a small supper around 5PM
:: balanced foods for balanced moods: fat, carbohydrate, protein
:: Fat: coconut oil, coconut milk, butter, full fat cheese, nuts, olives, bacon
:: Carbohydrate: popcorn, peas, broccoli, steamed veggies, fruit, bread and pasta
:: Protein: chicken, beef, bacon, eggs, salmon, pork, protein powder


:: Reduce belly fat/rolls
:: Experience inches of weight loss overall (a past client lost 2 inches from his neck alone!)
:: Get to the root of what is causing you to overeat AND implement strategies to…
:: Stop stress eating, lonely eating, boredom eating
:: Find more energy (without another cup of coffee)
:: Learn the foods to help you lose weight quickly
:: Learn mindfulness based stress management techniques that work
:: Learn yoga poses that help balance hormones, improve digestion, decrease stress and inflammation
:: Use breathing techniques and meditation to address psychological AND physiological issues
:: Understand your body and your body’s ideal foods

The choice is yours. Don’t wait until you feel worse, or until you need to go to counseling or get surgery. A year from now you’ll regret sitting and doing nothing. Your time is now. Not a year from now. Not when you have more time or more energy. Not when you get a raise or retire or your kids graduate from school. A year from now, I want you to focus on your career, your family, you travel plans rather than your desire to be healthy.

Your health and confidence are waiting for you now.