the warrior project

Monday morning 7:03AM

I just returned home from leading a weekend retreat, here’s a tidbit I’ll share with you: “the most deeply grooved pathways in our brain are those leading away from the present moment.” Our circle included a project manager who is recovering from a low place (feelings of failure) in her life and 15 days into her new job. One woman is a social worker, one woman owns her own insurance company and is grappling with the question of focusing on growth or giving back in finding meaningful work. Another woman had an aha! moment in communicating with her son. Our words this weekend included: courage, vulnerability, brain, emotions, failure, heartache, death, mindfulness, leadership, power, empowerment, fear, discouragement, love, openness. Through yoga, meditation, adult coloring, wisdom talks and holding space, I supported these women in creating stillness in their life. Stillness, a clearing, from which they can spring back into “real life” refreshed.

Monday morning 9:59AM

I had a really good weekend, leading the women’s retreat. And now it’s Monday morning and I just had a meeting with the teachers at my yoga studio, and I have a distance reiki session with a client plus an evening yoga class, and I’m feeling fearful rather than fierce. I’m being vulnerable, ignoring the voice that is telling me to be quiet and let you all think I’ve got my stuff together. I don’t feel like a fierce female leader, I actually feel like a fearful, small girl. *sob*

Monday evening 5:04PM

Earlier today I was feeling really low energy, depleted, insecure. I had a distance reiki session with a client, and as much of a realist as I am… that session was profound. I’ll admit this was my first time doing distance, and I didn’t have high hopes. But it works! Energy really does travel.

Tuesday at 10:02AM

I am creating the Warrior Project: a blueprint for leadership, courage and fierce determination in the face of impossible obstacles.

Wounded Warriors move through the world feeling powerless, scared of risk, living in a “small self” and feeling hopeless and helpless. Shame and disapproval are the main arrows that wound the Warrior. I was once a Wounded Warrior, a victim, passive and afraid. Until I got angry enough to take my life and happiness into my hands, to stop waiting for the Prince in Shining Armor to save me.

The Warrior Project is about holding space and healing our wounds. It’s learning to love ourselves, accept who we are–the good, the bad, the indifferent–rather than fear, despise or reject.