Time isn’t an excuse

Over the past summer I bought a foreclosed house with my *now-ex-husband. We gave ourselves just over two months to turn the house into something semi-liveable and as Move In Day loomed closer and closer, I gave myself completely to the house.

I’m writing to you from the soft comfort of a [still unfinished, yet dearly loved] home in a living room that was void of comfort a few short months ago, so we succeeded in our intention. But in doing so, I chose to not take care of myself because I didn’t feel like I had time to take care of me and my house.

Lack of time is no excuse to avoid taking care of ourselves.

There are periods of life when we need to be more diligent in scheduling our self care, yes. But that doesn’t mean skipping completely out of it.

love this quote from Audrey Lorde: Self-care isn’t about self-indulgence, but abut self-preservation.

Any request of me and my time this summer from anyone, friend or foe, was met with resistance and discontentment. Couldn’t they see that I already gave too much of myself away? Couldn’t they see that I had already sacrificed more than I even owned?

Ah, there is The Truth: working harder or longer, even for the noble cause of making a home or making a family, doesn’t make you feel better.

Self care doesn’t have to mean soaking in a lavender scented bathtub for 3 hours every night before bed while reading inspirational books like The Happiness Project and The Four Desires. But it might, for you. Maybe it’s catching 60 seconds of mindfulness and breathing here and there throughout your day.

What does your daily self care look like?

*Updated April 2015