Treasure Mapping

You should vision board about that, I repeated. I was only partially perturbed by the repetitious loop of our conversation since my arrival two days ago which stemmed around the infamous what should I do next question.

I live an hour and a half north of my sister and her husband, and so Friday afternoon I decided to drive down and spend the weekend instead of rattling around by myself in my rather large home.

When she came up the stairs with boxes of magazines, I was a bit excited.

I created my first vision board nearly 4 years ago, and since then I have experimented until I found something that really works for me. I’d like to share with you a few tips on how to vision board, although these are simply my personal preferences and by no means the end all and be all.

As I reflected over my first vision board from 4 years ago, I had a startling realization. At the time, 4 years ago, I was unhappy with my body and my marriage, so my vision board had a lot of images and sayings around body (healthy, athletic, lithe, supple, strong, flexible) and couples laughing and kissing and hugging and talking and holding hands and traveling and being best friends.

Today, I inhabit a body I enjoy and I am dating my best friend. It took 3 years, but I know that treasure mapping, or vision boarding, does help manifest that which we desire into our lives.

Board material

I actually don’t prefer using the quintessential “board” for making a vision board. Rather, I use a hardbound book (see photo).

You can also take a regular piece of paper or construction paper and laminate it or slide it into a clear sleeve when you’ve completed the visioning process.

If you are using construction paper or a board, here are some color choices:

  • violet helps us connect to unity, God
  • blue is beneficial when you want to focus on speech, speeking your truth, honesty and integrity
  • green or gold may be used if you’re focusing on finances
  • pink reminds us of love, when working on family or romantic relationships
  • yellow can be used when you desire inner strength and confidence
  • orange is great for cultivating creativity and playfulness and fun
  • red is a beneficial color to use when working with issues around insecurity, home or feeling grounded

Vision process

When you start visioning, you may only work on one area of your life or vision around your entire life in general. If you are visioning around just one topic, such as finances, make sure to incorporate symbols and colors that remind you of money.

Alternatively, you may vision on anything that appeals to you as you are flipping through magazines. I suggest separating each part of your life on to individual pages or, if you are using a large board, various quadrants.

  1. Flip through magazines and cut out or tear out words, images and phrases that speak to your heart.
  2. Next, arrange your cutout pieces on your vision page. Pay attention to placement, size, color.
  3. Write down today’s date.

Do NOT try figure out how your desires will manifest. That is not the vision process. Instead, once your vision has been created, spend time each day meditating on your vision board. Early in the morning or right before you go to bed, flip through your book or spend time contemplating your board.

Fill your mind with feelings that are positive and lead you toward prosperity.