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I had anxiety, depression and I felt judgmental toward myself and others. I didn’t feel worthy of the amazing life I had created for myself. … Beck listened to me and took the time to understand where I was coming from. She taught me practical yoga and meditation practices that I still use. I coached with Beck for 6 months, and am in a better head space. I have greater confidence, peace of mind and I’m filled with love and joy.” [Greg Gregorich, Coaching Client]

Beck Forsland helps women create whole-body wellbeing through viewing the body-mind as a unified experience. Here are some ways she’s helped others, and she can probably support you as well:

  • fat loss, healthy body weight, healthy body habits, muscle tone, strong body
  • creating gratitude, peacefulness, emotional independence, healthy boundaries
  • self-confidence, self-love, self-awareness, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD
  • low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, less body tension, and more

“Beck is a truly gifted teacher. She is knowledgeable, calming, and inspiring. I came to the retreat looking for an opportunity to quiet my noisy, overstressed brain and reconnect with something deeper and more meaningful in myself. Beck was a wonderful guide in this process. Thank you, Beck. Namaste!” [Yoga Retreat Student]

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“I’ve been to doctors and I didn’t find any help. I started working with Beck and soon learned a lot about ‘wellness care.’ Beck inspired me to be healthy and working with her for the last 3 months changed my life. I am so glad I took Beck’s coaching program. I’ve started losing weight and I’m walking without pain in my knee. Beck is doing something new and I’ve learned to appreciate my ‘wellness care’ routine.” [Deborah, Coaching Client]

“Through private sessions, e-courses and in studio classes with Beck, she has helped me grow in my practice both physically and mentally. I feel that Beck is the gift that keeps on giving – I feel so blessed to have her in my life as my teacher and friend.” [Nancy Tuinstra, Yoga Student & Coaching Client]

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