Wrap yourself in self worth

Last week someone asked me a painful question. What makes you worth it?

In reflecting over the experience, one possibility is that I could enter life feeling hurt and walk around like a wounded puppy. I tried to take this question personally, but that particular day I didn’t want to go through a box of tissues. If I took that question personally, it would allow a ripple of hurt to spread from me which would affect each human I come into contact with.

Instead, I’m wrapping myself in a blanket of self worth. In this blanket, I allow certain things to enter and be a part of my existence and I turn certain things away so that they don’t get to be transported.

Inside this blanket of self worth, I accept and trust who I am and I know what I stand for and where I’m going. I know what I know, and I’m willing and open to learning what I don’t know. I’m coachable.

How did I get this blanket? It wasn’t a gift or something I was born with… I started making it years ago and every day, I weave or stitch or knit just a little more.

I’m the one exerting effort, however friends and family and community have had a huge impact on how much and how often and how fast I create this blanket. Every enthusiastic supportive word and action, every bit of compassion and kindness shown to me has had an impact on my blanket. And so, too, have the harsh and unkind words.

And so did that painful question. But in reflecting over the question… I have my answer.

I breathe, therefore, I am.