Yoga Classes

Beck’s classes offer the support of the community for those desiring to relax after a long day of work, feel rejuvenated and connect to their life purpose again. Beck is a wise and inspirational teacher and partner.

Beck works with clients in their home or online. To book or inquire about private yoga services, please click here.

Upcoming: Spring Yoga and Wellness series for women in Portland, Oregon.

Here’s what some of Beck’s clients are saying…

“Beck is a truly gifted teacher. She is knowledgeable, calming, and inspiring. I came … looking for an opportunity to quiet my noisy, overstressed brain and reconnect with something deeper and more meaningful in myself. Beck was a wonderful guide in this process. Thank you, Beck. Namaste!” [Christine Center Yoga Retreat Participant]

Beck pointed out things I’ve never heard an instructor explain before… especially the thoracic spine. That was a huge aha! moment for me during one of the poses…. I loved the experience, it was a great practice. It was great to have the accountability of someone leading the class. I had a subscription with YogaGlo and I love the videos on there… but it was easy to fall out of the habit. Having a meeting time specifically where someone is waiting there for you is a lot easier for me actually hop on and do the yoga instead of putting it on my to do list.” [Sherry Elle, New England]

“[Beck led] a great class. I have definitely had increase in energy, emotionally I feel more level, and no real hunger craving; I have a feeling I will sleep great tonight.” [Theresa, Michigan]