Yoga for life development and happiness

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with a strong women who, within the last year or so, has had a few bumps in the road. In our conversation, she mentioned her divorce from unhealthy and unsupportive marriage. It was a relief, and yet she has found herself in the same relationship with a friend. So there is a pattern of attraction to heal.

She also lost her job, which felt like a lifted burden, but the stress of being unemployed has landed her in the unhealthy relationship and financial concerns. An obstacle for her to overcome is this mid-life discovery of who she is and what she wants to do in this world.

When she booked her private lesson and filled out my health survey her main health concerns include a tight left hip, back and neck and weakness in her left wrist.

Her stated goal is to learn methods to assist in maintaining her physical and mental health. I’ll be focusing on teaching her tools to create balance and strength and reduce tension in her hips, neck and back and also tools to find answers inside her to answer the question: what is next in life?

If she wants to have more support in the planning of her life, I would refer her to my women’s circles for healing from divorce, building healthy relationship patterns (Barefoot Warrior Sisterhood) and supporting women in heart-centered businesses (Barefoot Warrior Collective).

One of her obstacles in moving forward in achieving her goal was trying to find someone who would listen and work with her, rather than just saying “join this class.”

This photo is my {exact} proposal for supporting my new client.