Yoga for therapy and 7 days of yoga school

This week I’ve been in 7 days of yoga school.

7 days. My brain is nearly fried.

Thankfully I get almost 7 months to digest and incorporate what I’ve learned before the next 7 days.

Scott Anderson is a teacher here in Madison who is recognized for his work in yoga therapy, working with the body to create healing through yoga poses. From what I understand, his area of focus is biomechanics, engineering, and so on — of the human body.

So, from a structural standpoint, I’ve learned quite a bit.

This 1st week (of 4) has been all about the structure of the body. The other 3 modules will be about the Breath, the Organs and then Fascia. 7 days of each, 2 years in total.

I know, in part, how to therapeutically work with someone who has headaches, neck or jaw pain, low back pain or SI join pain. I can therapeutically help wish psoas issues, shoulder issues, knee and ankle pains.

And did you know Yoga Butt is one of the most serious yoga injuries? I know how to avoid it!

Tomorrow I start my travels back to my home, back to Menominee, Michigan and my lovely little yoga studio. I can’t wait to trickle in what I’ve learned to help people feel better in or with their body.