Yoga is like sky diving

Life is a series of challenges.

Sometimes a challenge feels like a HUGE mountain: leaving home to go to college on your own, buying a new car or house, getting married (wait, s/he does that?! did I pick the right person?), starting a business, relocating a business, walking up a set of stairs, health problems, reenergizing a low energy marriage, birthing a baby, keeping said baby alive after birth, and the list goes on and on and on.

Other challenges are pretty small for most people: climbing a set of stairs, counting to 10, composing an email, picking out groceries, maneuvering a car through traffic, crossing a somewhat busy street, picking weeds, picking out clothes in the morning, figuring out what to eat, and so on.

I’ll suggest that these challenges are all the: doing a warrior pose is the same as sky diving. Picking out clothes in the morning is the same as picking out a new vehicle. The details and story lines are different, yes, the intensity is distinctly different, but the choices are the same and the feelings through the experience are the same.

For example, I’m facing a challenge in my business (relocate? stay?) and my choices are: a) stay where I am and be OK with the way things are, b) forge ahead to a newer and – from my standpoint today – better place, push through my fear of failure and make room for growth (in this case, physically relocating) or, c) fall back in fear, close my studio and run back to the safety of whatever came before this relationship of owning a yoga studio and coaching business.

Maybe your challenge is at work or in a relationship, or raising a child or renovating a home. And the choices are the same: a) stay the course, do nothing (maintain status quo), b) take a leap of faith and push for your dreams (success) or, c) quit, leave, walk away (failure).

It takes the same oomph! and guts and self-will and motivation to reignite a failing marriage as it does a struggling business as it does a dead-end job as it does jumping out of a perfectly sound airplane as it does holding a yoga pose as it does to lose 30 pounds as it does to organize your kitchen cabinets.

What is the difference between success, failure, and maintaining the status quo?

I’m going to suggest it is our belief system.

In the west we grow up with certain beliefs about money, time, men and women, relationships, ethnic groups, work, and so on. All these beliefs have been ingrained in us and maybe we take them on, maybe we don’t take them on. But the phrases and ideas and stories run around in the background of our mind.

How often have you heard these: time is of an essence, time is money, men make more money than women, women should be fragile, money doesn’t grow on trees, most relationships fail, most small businesses fail, Asian girls are best at math, Kenyan are the best distance runners, you will parent your child like how you were parented, and on and on and on.

If your dream is to have the love of a lifetime and be united with one person the rest of your life but your belief system is that “most relationships fail,” how will your relationships succeed?

Circle of Beliefs

Do you know what old beliefs are holding you back from your dreams? Do you have all the good intentions but somehow keep getting off track?

By becoming aware of limiting or harmful beliefs we can bring about huge change and self-discovery. And having a support structure can help the work shift, so I’d like to offer you a complementary Circle of Beliefs Discovery Session. This is a 15-20 minute conversation where we talk on the phone and identify your limiting beliefs, the feelings they bring up and then begin shifting the energy. All in 20 minutes!

Together we can discover where your old beliefs are undermining your good intentions, shift your energy, get unstuck in the challenges you’re facing and start feeling success in life! (Unless you’re OK with the status quo.) Pick a time that works with your schedule; if you don’t see a time that works with your schedule, Email Me.