Dr. Beck has a specific interest in using functional medicine, chiropractic care, and active therapeutic exercise. Whether you are an athlete, a desk jockey, in need of menstrual or pre-conception nutrition planning, pregnancy and postnatal support, or menopausal/post-menopausal support.

Who We Help

Athletes: the athletic lifestyle is one that can create tight muscles and some achiness in addition to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Regular musculoskeletal care can prevent injury and keep you doing your sport. In the case of sprains or strains, we can reduce the healing time so that you get get back on the field (or bike or track or pool). In these visits, we explore nutrition as well as chiropractic modalities such as spinal and extra spinal adjusting, ultrasound, IFC, and so on.

Menstrual support: irregular periods, intense menstrual cramps, low back pain. Too many women end up taking over-the-counter pain medication when many negative symptoms can be relieved through more natural methods. Correcting menstrual imbalances earlier in life may help ease the transition into menopause. In these visits, we explore nutrition, movement, decreasing toxic loads as well as chiropractic modalities.

Pre-conception nutrition: starting a family (or growing one!) is an exciting transition. In these visits, we explore nutrition, movement, chiropractic modalities, stress-reduction, and decreasing toxic loads to create a nourishing home for not only you, but new life as well.

Infertility support: some women explore many avenues for healing when it’s challenging to conceive. If you’re younger than 35, infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after 1 year of intercourse without contraception (6 months for women over 35 years old). In these visits, we explore nutrition, movement, chiropractic modalities such as spinal adjustments and massage, stress-reduction, and decreasing toxic loads.

Pregnancy: the female body goes through a lot of change over the course of 9 months. As her center of gravity shifts, she’ll often accommodate the changes in ways that increase tension and joint dysfunction (where the bony joints become “stuck”) in the low back and pelvis. Receiving regular musculoskeletal care can improve the function of the low back and pelvis so that when it’s time for the physiological birthing, baby can move through the birth canal with as much ease as possible. In these visits, we explore nutrition, movement, chiropractic modalities specific for the pregnant mama including round ligament stretching and gentle adjusting, and stress-reduction techniques.

Postnatal support: once baby is a separate unit, mamas experience another body transition in the 4th trimester. In these visits, we explore nutrition, movement, chiropractic modalities, and stress-reduction techniques. Baby is encouraged to come with mom.

Menopausal/post-menopausal support: as women approach 50, hormonal changes eventually stop the monthly menstrual cycle. Women can often feel irritable, achy, and have back pain, headaches, hot-flashes, trouble sleeping. In these visits, we explore nutrition, movement, chiropractic modalities, and stress-reduction techniques.

Treatments Offered

Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) improves function of the joints and reduces pain. Techniques employed include the hands on Diversified and Webster Techniques as well as the Activator. For anyone who is nervous about large thrusting movements, please note that all methods can be applied in a gentle way to affect the body at the tissue level. The Webster Technique is specific to pregnant and postpartum women to help the pelvis maintain optimum function in preparation for baby passage.

Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle, hands on approach that promotes balance of the central nervous system. It can be beneficial for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, headaches, colicky babies, and more.

Concussion rehabilitation is a combination of visual motion rehabilitation, vestibular reconditioning, manual therapy, lifestyle modification in a way to heal the brain and re-establish healthy movement.

Therapeutic exercise is an effective way to correct dysfunction,

Therapeutic exercise is an effective way to correct dysfunction, restore function, and reduce pain. Exercise is prescribed after observing poor or weak functional movement patterns.

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach to helps to identify and address the root cause of a condition. Each symptom may be one piece of the puzzle contributing to a person’s disease or illness.

Soft Tissue Massage (STM) is a therapeutic way to reduce muscle tension, release myofascial trigger points, and relieve pain.

Mindfulness meditation is a mind practice that has benefits both mentally and physically. Slow down racing thought patterns and negative thought patterns.

What to Expect At Your First Visit

New Patient Forms
Please fill these out and send them through the secure folder online ahead of time. This will ensure that we can use your time efficiently when you arrive for your first appointment.

Step in Our Door
If your appointment is in person, please arrive about 5-10 minutes early to rest and have a cup of tea or water or to use the restroom before we begin.

The Appointment
Your first appointment is an hour in duration and is comprised of four activities. First, you will have a consultation with Dr. Beck to discuss your health history, your health-related problems or concerns, and talk about your prognosis and treatment options. Next, Dr. Beck will do a physical examination to address the injured body part or constitution or system of the body. This may include orthopedic exams, neurological exams, posture and balance analysis, and functional movement observation. If radiographs (x-rays) are needed, we will discuss this at this time.

After your history and examination are complete, Dr. Beck will give you a report of findings (ROF). This happens during the first appointment; you do not have to come back for another appointment to find out what Dr. Beck has discovered during the physical exam. (The only exception to this is if there are complicating factors that make us run over our allotted time. In these few cases, we will schedule a second “initial” appointment.) An ROF will include specific findings during the history and physical exam, treatment recommendations, prognosis (how long it takes to return to your daily activities), and alternative treatment recommendations, if needed. Finally, if indicated, you may have the option to move forward with treatment with Dr. Beck. Treatment may include spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), cranio-sacral therapy, therapeutic exercise, functional medicine, soft tissue massage (STM), and more. Dr. Beck may also recommend co-management with another healthcare provider.