Thank you

“After being so uncomfortable during lockdown, I so appreciated your treatments and support. I’m not 100%, but so much better and, with the exercises, have some tools to deal with the tightness.”

Yoga helped me recover and refocus. Thank you, Beck!

“I attended Beck’s yoga classes over a 2 month period as I was recovering from surgery and general life stressors. Making this investment in my health was a great idea. Beck has an extremely calming personality and this can be felt by anyone who spends time with her. She is systematic and comprehensive in her approach to each session. She can also tailor it to what each individuals needs are, and give specific focused exercises. Overall I felt like working with Beck was one of the best things I did over this time period, as it really helped me center and refocus myself.”

Wellness coaching helped me. Thanks Beck!

“Before I started working with Beck, I felt trapped and stuck. I felt isolated, worried about money and feeling hopeless. Beck helped me focus on the positive and feel hopeful about the future. Now I’m more committed to taking time for myself and I realize the value of my support network. The most valuable thing I’ve gained from working with Beck is learning to trust advice from others and focusing on the positive.”

I’ve started losing weight. Thank you Beck!

“Beck inspired me to be healthy and working with her … changed my life. … I’ve started losing weight and I’m walking without pain in my knee.” [Deborah, Coaching Client]

I connected with something more meaningful in myself. Thank you Beck!

“Beck is a truly gifted teacher. She is knowledgeable, calming, and inspiring. I came [to the yoga retreat] looking for an opportunity to quiet my noisy, overstressed brain and reconnect with something deeper and more meaningful in myself. Beck was a wonderful guide in this process. Thank you, Beck. Namaste!” [Yoga Retreat Student]

Beck has helped me grow… thank you!

“Beck has helped me grow in my [yoga] practice both physically and mentally. I feel that Beck is the gift that keeps on giving – I feel so blessed to have her in my life as my teacher and friend.” [Nancy Tuinstra, Yoga Student & Coaching Client]

I have greater confidence [in myself]. Thank you Beck!

“I had anxiety, depression and I felt judgmental toward myself and others. I didn’t feel worthy of the amazing life I had created for myself. … Beck listened to me and took the time to understand me. She taught me practical yoga and meditation practices. [Now] I have greater confidence, peace of mind and I’m filled with love and joy.” [Greg Gregorich, Coaching Client]